Antre (pronounced ant-er) is an old english word for a cave or cavern.

Formed in Nottingham, UK, in early 2017 by guitarist Chris Marsland and drummer Barry Chadwick after the dissolution of Megalodoom, Antre's lineup is completed by vocalist Patrick MacDonald (ex Cacodaemonic), guitarist Donny Hopkins (Crumbling Ghost, ex Pombagira) and bassist Dan Oldcorn (ex Merciless Terror).

Drawing on a wide range of influences in particular black metal as well as death metal, thrash and hardcore to create an atmosphere which is more claustrophobic, savage and intense than ethereal, Antre is a representation of the inner dark place in all of us, the dark cave in our souls and the anger and rage that manifests itself there.

Lyrically and aesthetically Antre is the expression of the individuals in the band's inner dark place. The world is an unrelenting and hopeless place these days, Antre is born from and exists in the place we all retreat to in moments of despair.

The band have a long standing DIY background being in many bands in various underground scenes over the years and have taken this ethos through into this body of work by working hard, pushing each other, producing everything themselves: investing in recording equipment to record in an old church, hand-making and handing out CDs, shooting their own videos through to producing their own artwork.

Over the last few years, Antre played shows to a growing audience, supporting the likes of Winterfylleth, Wode, The Moth Gatherer, Helpless, Wren, Sacred Son, Crimson Throne and The Infernal Sea.

Response to Antre's debut album Void, released in February 2019:

"A superb piece of work which shifts and swells in increasingly creative ways while never losing its focus on crowbarring open the darkest doors it can find" KKKK - Nick Ruskell, Kerrang!

"Antre find the perfect balance between beauty and rawness" - Vince Bellino, Decibel Magazine

"VOID's core is one of sustained fury and an unmistakable sense that this gathering storm is but a mere warning shot" - Dom Lawson, Metal Hammer

"As cohesive, well-written and accomplished as you could ever hope a debut to be" - Kez Whelan, The Quietus